Is US planning to transfer terrorists from Syria to Ukraine?

2022-03-01 19:51:49
Is US planning to transfer terrorists from Syria to Ukraine?

US special services could send members of Daesh (ISIL or ISIS), as well as other terrorist groups in Syria, to Ukraine, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar Jaafari has warned.

"Based on the analysis, we can say that this is quite possibly true. We, as a state, have evidence that the US military in Syria is transferring terrorists from one place to another, especially members of the IS and Jabhat Al-Nusra," Jaafari told Sputnik.

He argued that the US had transferred terrorists from Syria to Afghanistan and Burkina-Faso and that the use of mercenaries is a well-established US practice.

"So one should not be surprised, and we do not exclude, that tomorrow IS terrorists will be sent to Ukraine," Jaafari said.

He added that Western states have been supporting nationalist radicals in Ukraine.

"Many years later [after WWII] people appeared tho declared their readiness to support the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. But they received the support of these countries and the support of the special services only because they are against Russia. The West will not hesitate to arm the devil against Russia if it is in their interests," Jaafari continued.

The Syrian deputy FM argued that if Russia had any "real allies" in WWII, they would not be supporting neo-Nazis today.

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