Zimbabwe: We are under US sanctions because of our land reform program

2022-03-06 17:09:44
Zimbabwe: We are under US sanctions because of our land reform program

Zimbabweans have lambasted the United State regime for extending sanctions period against the country, and insist that the Washington's arrogance and hardheartedness comes from the desire to conquer the south African nation, effect regime change and then gain access to the country's vast untapped natural resources.

Ruling party, Zanu-PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa said the sanctions are a non-event which is "vindictive" because of Harare's stance on the land reform program.

The Zimbabweans have insisted that the reasons why the United States is not removing sanctions is mere arrogance and the hard desire to rule everyone in the world.

This comes days after the US extended sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by one year and accused the county's leaders of economic mismanagement and undermining democratic processes or institutions.

In a statement Thursday, US President Joe Biden said his administration will continue with the embargo for a further year saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa's regime implementing policies that threaten America's foreign policy.

African countries have been pushing the United States and other Western governments to end their two decades-long economic sanctions against Zimbabwe which continue to impact negatively on the people of this country.

Zimbabweans in and outside the south African country have been staging protests every now and then, to censure the US-led sanctions that have made the country's economy unbearable.

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