Iran won’t remain silent in face of Israeli crimes

2022-03-15 22:05:50
Iran won’t remain silent in face of Israeli crimes

Early on Sunday, at least a dozen ballistic missiles landed inside a vast compound in Erbil in Northern Iraq, which was used by the Mossad, Israel’s external intelligence agency that trains spies.

The missiles were of the Fateh generation, which are domestically made by the IRGC.

According to Iraqi sources, 9 Israeli officials were killed in the strike, two of whom were Mossad agents.

Meanwhile, an Iranian news channel has said that the missile attack launched by Iran against targets in Erbil was a response to a previously unreported Israeli drone attack in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Arabic-language Al-Alam news television said the missile attack launched by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), which targeted the headquarters of Israel in Erbil, came in response to a recent Israeli drone attack in the Mahidasht region in western Iran.

On February 14, a drone attack in Mahidasht conducted by Israel caused a fire in the logistics center of the IRGC in Kermanshah but left no casualties.

According to the source, Iran had been planning to reply to Israel's attack for a long time, but was "waiting for the circumstances in which Israel is the only one attacked with accuracy and sensitivity, and receives the necessary response."

In response to a question regarding why Erbil was chosen to retaliate to Israel, the source stated that since Israel had launched attack on Mahidasht from Iraqi Kurdistan, Israel should have received retaliation from the same region.

According to an informed source, the dead and wounded of the IRGC operation were transferred by air ambulance to another Israeli headquarters in Erbil in a matter of hours, while it was reported that the condition of some of those wounded was critical.

The source emphasized that Israel's actions against the Islamic Republic were warned against at various stages and through numerous channels to the Iraqi authorities, but these warnings were not taken into account by the relevant authorities.

According to an informed source, while Israelis are not permitted by Iraqi law to come to this nation and vice versa, Israeli operatives do not have security perks in any country in the region, including the Iraqi Kurdistan.

According to the informed official, the two targeted buildings were constructed in a resistant and durable manner for particular purposes, and they served as a gathering and entertainment area for Israelis in the neighborhood, and they are well secured by the Special Forces.


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