Near-daily nationwide protests in France over rising costs

2022-03-22 23:11:46
Near-daily nationwide protests in France over rising costs

Since late last week, France has seen nationwide anti-government protests almost every day. March 17th’s protests were over better pay and working conditions.

March 19th saw the Yellow Vests and protests against state-sponsored Islamophobia and racism, while March 21 saw the record price of gasoline cause taxi drivers, truckers, fishermen and others to protest nationwide.

President Emmanuel Macron has joined the European Union’s unprecedented sanction drive against top energy supplier Russia for its military operation in Ukraine, regardless of the economic costs on the average French household.

The price of petrol has crossed the psychological barrier of €2 per litre, creating inflation in goods across the board.

Those on low and fixed incomes are now being told to make “sacrifices” by politicians who may be living far more comfortable lifestyles.

Adding to the hardships being asked of the average French voter, Macron recently announced that if re-elected, he will raise the retirement age to 65. That has caused the left-wing candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon to jump in the first-round polls to third place, but he still trails the far-right’s Marine Le Pen by several points.

While inflation has soared, it is not as if this is a new problem for the average French person. Despite longtime official claims of low inflation, reduced purchasing power was the number one issue for voters in 2017 and 2012 as well.

There will be at least two more days of nationwide protests this week. France’s first round presidential vote is now less than three weeks away.

Many are saying that the final days of Macron’s five-year term are ending in a typical fashion: full of anti-government protests.


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