Iran hosts 29th Intl Quran Exhibition in Ramadan

2022-04-20 22:39:02
Iran hosts 29th Intl Quran Exhibition in Ramadan

Islam's holy book, the Quran, is the theme of this expo. Held every year in the fasting month of Ramadan, the International Quran Exhibition opened its doors after two years of hiatus driven by the coronavirus pandemic.

The 29th edition of the event brought here exhibitors from Iran and other Muslim countries to present their religious products.

While the expo displays exquisite copies of the Quran, it also gives a chance to IT firms to showcase online versions of the holy book among other religious apps and softwares.

The art section is one of the popular parts of the event. It features paintings, calligraphy works and conceptual artworks all themed with the Quran. Many of them are created here in the expo and then displayed to visitors.

The holy month of Ramadan is believed to be the month when the holy book of Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohamamd some 14 centuries ago. That's why this exhibition is held during the holy month, which is also referred to as the month of Quran.

Every Muslim family has a copy of the Quran in their houses to read its verses and ponder its divine messages as many times as possible during the year, and especially in Ramadan. Now one of the goals of this expo is to promote the instructions of the divine book, especially among the younger generation.


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