Nigerians mark international Quds Day

2022-04-30 13:17:20

Muslims in Nigeria have also marked the International Quds day with protests across the West African country.

The protest march to mark the annual International Quds day started immediately after the Friday prayers in Abuja. The demonstrators marched through the streets carrying and waving Palestinian flags and chanting condemnation for the illegal Israeli regime,

They condemned what they described as the silence of the United Nations and many western countries over the brutal oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli regime.

The peaceful protesters condemned the current attacks on innocent worshippers at the al-Aqsa mosque compound in al-Quds during the month of Ramadan.

Although the International Quds day was largely peaceful in Abuja, the protesters were reportedly attacked by the Nigerian security forces in the cities of Kaduna and Zaria resulting in many casualties.

The demonstrators said the expression of support for the Palestinians must become a strong cause for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

They also said the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli regime should be the concern of all people with conscience.


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