Countries around the world mark International Labor Day

2022-05-01 21:27:00
Countries around the world mark International Labor Day

Tens of thousands of people marched Sunday in cities around Europe for May Day protests to honor workers and shame governments into doing more for their citizens.

In France, protesters shouted slogans against newly elected President Emmanuel Macron, a development that may set the tone for his second term.

Tensions erupted in Paris, as some demonstrators broke windows at some banks and a fast-food restaurant and ripped up street signs. apparently the work of men dressed and masked in black. Police moved in, firing rounds of tear gas.

May Day is often a time of high emotion for trade unionists and other workers, and protests in the last two years have been limited by pandemic restrictions.

Turkish police moved in quickly in Istanbul and encircled protesters near the barred-off Taksim Square — where 34 people were killed In 1977 during a May Day event when shots were fired into the crowd from a building.

On Sunday, Turkish police detained 164 people for demonstrating without permits and resisting police at the square, the Istanbul governor’s office said. On the Asian side of sprawling Istanbul, a May Day gathering drew thousands, who sang, chanted and waved banners, a demonstration organized by the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey.


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