Imam Khamenei: Syria’s resistance in international war elevated its power and status

2022-05-08 20:09:13
Imam Khamenei: Syria’s resistance in international war elevated its power and status

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, met with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Tehran on Sunday, saying that despite the devastation done to Syria by years-long war, the country is now looked upon as a major power.

“Today, Syria is not the same Syria that it was before the war, although the devastation [of war] was not there at that time, but now Syria enjoys a higher degree of respect and credit and all countries look upon it as a power,” the Leadersaid, referring to major achievements of Syria in both political and military arenas.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that Syrian president and its nation are now honored by all regional nations, adding, “Some leaders of countries that are neighbors to us and you, have relations with the leaders of the Zionist regime and drink coffee together.”

He said various factors were influential in Syria’s resistance and victory in an international war, adding, “One of the most important of those factors was your own high morale and, God willing, you would be able to reconstruct the ravages of war with the same morale, because you have a great work to do.”

The Syrian president, for his part, thanked the Iranian nation and government for their support, saying, “The steadfastness of Iran and its unwavering stances in the past four decades on regional issues, especially on the issue of Palestine, have shown to the entire world that Iran’s path is a correct and principled path."

He added that the ravages of war could be reconstructed, but if principles are lost, they cannot be reconstructed.

“The steadfastness of the Iranian nation on the principles and fundaments laid by [the late founder of the Islamic Republic] Imam Khomeini, which has continued through your determination, has paved the way for great triumphs of the great nation of Iran and the regional people, especially the people of Palestine,” Assad said.

The Syrian president said the strategic relations between Iran and Syria was a major factor, which prevent the Zionist regime from dominating the entire region.


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