Royal Jubilee: Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year rule marred by many controversies

2022-06-08 11:13:59
Royal Jubilee: Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year rule marred by many controversies

Throughout the weekend, Britain’s Royals led celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, making her the only British Monarch to reach 70 years in power.

The mainstream media prioritized positive coverage, however, her 70 year rule has been marred by many controversies.

Everything from sleaze, racism, imperialism and even sex scandals can be found throughout her long reign involving either herself or her immediate family members.

Combine that with rising poverty levels, the collapse of the Church of England which she heads and the refusal to offer reparations to victims of colonialism. Hardly surprising that trends including “abolish the monarch” have been trending.

Some of the older scandals include late princess Diana and the conspiracies surrounding her suspicious death in 1997, as well as her family’s links to fascism in Europe. Members of Elizabeth's late husband Prince Philip married into Nazi aristocrat circles.

Recent criticism has centered around her defense of disgraced Prince Andrew who was embroiled in a sex scandal linked to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Racism scandals remained common throughout her reign, emphasized by accusations of racism surrounding her grandson Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markel and reinforced by leaked papers showing a royal ban on ethnic minorities from office roles.

Scandals aside, the appetite for ditching the Monarchy appears to be growing, with UK breakup and reparations movements gaining ground, some may argue that Queen Elizabeth II's reign could become one of the worst in British history.


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