Why is Israel’s Mossad spy agency meddling in Democratic Republic of Congo?

2022-06-12 10:41:32

A former head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency was deported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2019 after it emerged that he was involved in a plot to overthrow the African country's president.

During his visit to the DRC, the top Mossad spy was accompanied by Israeli oligarch, Dan Gertler who is involved in looting Congo’s mineral resources such cobalt, while indigenous people are languishing in poverty.

Observers say the regime dispatched its top spy to the DRC to plan a coup against a democratically elected government.

Israeli news outlet The Marker said that Cohen was deported by President Felix Tshisekedi personally after his third suspicious visit to the Congo leader's office.

According to Bloomberg, Cohen was not invited for any of his visits, and Tshisekedi was always surprised by his presence.

While the date of the first visit was not revealed, the second took place on 9 October 2019, when Tshisekedi flew in his presidential plane from the eastern city of Goma to the capital, Kinshasa.

A few weeks after the second visit, Cohen made his third trip to the Congo and held an unscheduled meeting with Tshisekedi and some of his staff at his Kinshasa office. "Cohen once again spoke in vague terms about cooperation” between the Israel and Congo, one source said. "But Tshisekedi was out of patience."

Haaretz reported that: "At one point, Tshisekedi asked his staff to leave the room so he could be alone with Cohen. At the end of their brief conversation, Cohen was told to go directly to the airport, escorted by local security forces, and leave the country and not return. The Mossad chief was thus effectively deported – an unprecedented and humiliating step – following a series of unscheduled meetings."


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