Iran and Nigeria sign agreement to expand cultural ties

2022-06-13 16:25:29

Iran and Nigeria have signed an agreement to develop and expand cultural relations between the Islamic Republic and the West African nation.

The agreement was signed between Nigeria’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Zubairu Dada, and the head of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, Mehdi Imanipour.

Dada traveled to Tehran last week to attend the sixth Iran-Nigeria Joint Commission.

The agreement aims to strengthen partnerships and encourage cooperation between relevant institutions, both public and private, as well as to develop activities that help improve mutual knowledge on both sides.

The areas of cultural cooperation include culture education, exchange of experiences and expertise in visual arts, performing arts, music, film, architecture, books, fashion, painting, media, art calligraphy, sculpture and cultural education and the participation of Iranian and Nigerian artists in festivals and exhibitions.

Other areas of cooperation in the agreement are the exchange of expertise in the protection, restoration and preservation of cultural heritage, exchange of expertise in the field of 3D printing and computer-generated imagery (CGI), cultural dialogues to counter extremism.


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