Another benefit of drinking tea or coffee

2022-06-15 18:37:48
Another benefit of drinking tea or coffee

Drinking coffee or green tea is associated with many health benefits, such as better cardiovascular health, lower inflammation levels, and a reduced risk for developing chronic disease.

Now, a study published online Oct. 20, 2020, by BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care suggests tea and coffee consumption are also linked to a reduced risk for early death among people with diabetes.

Researchers evaluated the health and self-reported lifestyle habits — including diet — of about 5,000 people in Japan over five years.

Compared with people who didn't drink any coffee or green tea, people who drank the most had much lower risks of premature death from any cause: about 40% lower for people who drank either two cups of coffee or four cups of tea per day; and 63% lower for people who drank both four cups of tea plus two cups of coffee per day.

The study is only observational and doesn't prove that the drinks keep people alive longer. But we know coffee and tea contain powerful plant compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are good for health.

Harvard health publishing


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