Iran’s blows to Israel have grown multiple times, says ex-IRGC chief

2022-06-16 10:43:59
Iran’s blows to Israel have grown multiple times, says ex-IRGC chief

The former chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) says Iran's undercover strikes on Israel have multiplied, but the country cannot reveal the details.

“The Zionist regime and its authorities know better what blows they have received from the Islamic Republic,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari told Tasnim news agency on Wednesday.

“Some of these blows are still continuing and they (the Zionists) are being hit,” he said, adding "These are the blows that the Islamic resistance has inflicted on them in the region and in different countries, and even inside the occupied territories".

Gen. Jafari was commenting on statements by Israeli officials about some recent incidents in Iran, for which they have tried to imply responsibility.

"When they commit terror, they openly declare it, like the cowardly assassination of Martyr Sayyad Khodaei, that took place while he was in his car in front of his house without a bodyguard,

"His assassination has no technical operational value for the Zionist regime. It is similar to the blind assassinations by the Hypocrites in the 80s," he said, referring to MKO terrorists who have a history of numerous attacks against Iranians.

Colonel Khodaei was assassinated in an eastern neighborhood in Tehran last month, with three bullets to his head and two in his hand.

Gen. Jafari said contrary to Israel, the Islamic Republic cannot disclose many of the blows it deals to the occupying regime. “Therefore, the Islamic Republic mostly observes the lights-off and confidentiality principles in these incidents."


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