Protests over rising energy costs continue in Italy

2022-06-25 19:49:22
Protests over rising energy costs continue in Italy

As Italy's socio-economic conditions worsen by the day, the country is witnessing an endless number of protests and strikes.

On Friday, the Italian association of private construction and building technicians staged a protest against the government's decision to cancel the so-called SuperBonus scheme.

The measure - which granted homeowners access to a tax credit of up to 110% on the cost of upgrading their home - was introduced last year in an attempt to counter the nefarious effects on the economy of the Covid crisis.

Meanwhile taxi drivers across Italy have staged the umpteenth strike action disrupting traffic in several cities. Taxi drivers are on the warpath with the government over an EU directive which aims at liberalizing their sector.

The national bureau of statistics Istat has said household consumer confidence has plummeted in June amidst great preoccupation for energy rising costs and for the ramifications of the Ukraine crisis. Quite surprisingly business confidence is up, for the second consecutive month.

Also on Friday, USB base union staged a protest at the Ministry of Economic Development against "Italy's unsustainable precarization of work". USB says young Italians are only offered temporary, badly paid jobs.

Italians are also very worried about the water drought that has afflicted the country over the past weeks. Several regions are mulling over introducing water rationing to manage the limitation of water.

The Lombardy region on Friday declared a state of emergency for drought after water levels in the Po river fell by over three quarters amid the worst drought in 70 years.


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