US attempt to repeat the Cold War rivalry exposes its weakness, president Raeisi

2022-07-30 12:20:31
US attempt to repeat the Cold War rivalry exposes its weakness, president Raeisi

The president of Iran in an one-hour telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart reaffirmed the country’s support for the one-China policy, saying the US attempt to repeat the Cold War rivalry in the world demonstrates that it is on the wane.

Raeisi stressed that respect for national sovereignty and preserving the territorial integrity of the countries are the fundamental principles of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in this context, he described the support of the One China principle as the definitive and principled policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While stressing Iran's determination to comprehensively develop relations with China regardless of international developments, President Raeisi listed independent cooperation based on the national interests of the sovereign countries as the correct model of governance at the regional and international level and emphasized the need for justice and fairness to prevail in the emerging international order, considering any American attempt to repeat the Cold War pattern in the world as a sign of its weakness and decline.

In response to the Chinese President's praise of the policy of developing relations and cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and its neighbors and its achievements, Raeisi emphasized, "This approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided the necessary foundations for security and collective development in West Asia and can be a model to strengthen the political trust and economic development in the region".

Raeisi also emphasized Iran's efforts to provide maritime security and energy transfer.

The President also referred to the negotiations to lift the sanctions and said that it is imperative for the American side, as a violator of the agreement, to make its political decision, as well as the country's action to cancel the illegal sanctions against Iran and third parties.

The Iranian president welcomed the development of multilateral economic cooperation in the context of regional and extra-regional arrangements such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the BRICS group.

Raeisi and Xi Jinping also agreed on development strategies and acceleration in the implementation process of the 25-year comprehensive cooperation plan by proposing cooperation development initiatives and expressing satisfaction with the development of relations and leap in commercial exchanges between the two countries in the past year.

Xi Jinping, for his part, appreciated the cooperation between Iran and China in the international arena and the mutual support of the two countries for each other's positions in the regional and international arenas.

While pointing out the importance of maintaining regional stability and the constructive role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard, Xi Jinping emphasized that China is against the policy of pressure and unilateralism.

Emphasizing the strategic importance of China-Iran relations and his country's efforts to strengthen and develop the key strategic and security cooperation between the two countries, especially in the commercial, economic, infrastructure and energy fields, the President of China stated, "The implementation of the 25-year comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries is a big step in this direction, and on this basis, I am issuing the necessary orders for the development of all-round strategic relations with Iran, including in the economic field".

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