Iran’s defense ministry holds exhibition on knowledge-based production

2022-08-04 13:22:57
Iran’s defense ministry holds exhibition on knowledge-based production

Iran’s defense ministry has held an exhibition on its capabilities in knowledge-based production and economy.

The event covers such fields as transportation, health and medical equipment, security, energy, information and communication technology, cyberspace, construction and mining, industry, petrochemicals, food security and agriculture, household appliances, electronic parts, and geographic data and information.

In general, 1,100 products in various fields have been put on display in the exhibition.

Iran has repeatedly voiced its readiness to provide advanced scientific and military technologies to friendly and neighboring states because it has already achieved self-sufficiency and scientific capabilities in the field of military power and manufacturing state-of-the-art weaponry.

According to Iranian officials, as a result of cooperation between Iran’s defense ministry and knowledge-based companies, the capacity of the ministry for production has increased by over 20 times in the past couple of years.


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