Iran condemns holy Quran desecration in Germany

2022-08-08 11:39:43
Iran condemns holy Quran desecration in Germany

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has strongly condemned the provocative action of desecrating the Holy Quran and insulting Islamic sanctities in front of Islamic Center of Hamburg in Germany, urging the country to put an end to such henious acts.

According to reports, ten people desecrated the Holy Quran in front of the Islamic Centre of Hamburg on Sunday.

German police forces, who were present in the place, did not take any action to prevent the blasphemous act, which is prohibited under Germany’s law, nor reacted to those who committed it, Iranian news network al-Alam reported.

In a statement following the incident, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani slammed the “provocative” move and warned of its “dangerous” consequences and implications.

“This blasphemous act is a clear example of sedition and spreading hatred and is categorically condemned by all Muslims, monotheists …and those who believe in coexistence and interfaith dialogue,” he said.

He noted that such acts are “another aspect of extremism and Takfiri violence” that require a “strong and deterrent response from governments that claim to be supporting human rights, freedom, and democracy.”

Kan’ani urged Germany to take “an immediate and strong” action over the incident and called for holding the perpetrators to account in order to prevent the repetition of such acts.

He further said that those acts stress the importance of unity among Muslims and Islamic countries against conspiracies hatched by the enemies of Islam.

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