Iranian FM begins his tour to African countries

2022-08-23 09:39:33

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian heading a political and economic delegation begins his tour to Africa on Monday visiting Mali on the first leg of his tour, and later proceed to Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali Abdoulaye Diop expressed his deep satisfaction with the presence of Amir Abdullahian in Bamako and hoped for the creation of new fields of economic, political and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

It is worth noting that last week, the last group of French soldiers were expelled from that country by the government and people of Mali, and the repeated conspiracies of France to exploit the crimes of terrorist groups and justify the presence of French soldiers in Mali are no longer a secret.

The people of Mali in protest demonstrations and some high-ranking officials of that country have repeatedly announced that the biggest supporter of terrorist groups in Mali and West African countries is the same French government, which is trying to make Africa insecure by secretly training and equipping terrorists thereby preparing grounds for looting the minerals and resources of those countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran will go to Mali, Zanzibar, Tanzania in this periodic trip to open new horizons of cooperation that would exploit opportunities between Iran and the countries of the continent.

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