Raeisi: Iran sees dialogue as panacea to Iraq’s political turmoil

2022-08-23 13:04:19
Raeisi: Iran sees dialogue as panacea to Iraq’s political turmoil

The president of Iran has called on all Iraqi political groups to exercise dialogue and negotiations to find a way out of the current political impasse in the Arab country.

In a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on Monday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stressed the need to maintain unity in Iraq and said, "All the main political currents of Iraq should agree on a way out of the existing political problems through interactive dialogue."

He also emphasized the necessity of implementing the agreements made in relation to the moves of the Iraqi government to improve the political climate of the region and welcomed the acceleration of interactive measures following the implementation of the agreements, according to the president’s website.

Raisi further stressed the need to facilitate the travel of Iranian pilgrims, especially during the Arbaeen season.

For his part, the Iraqi prime minister said he would personally follow the issues related to the presence of the Iranian pilgrims in the Arbaeen ceremony.

Highlighting the role of Iran in the region and the world, al-Kadhimi said he would continue his efforts to improve and raise the level of regional relations and cooperation.

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