Iran, Nigeria to sign MoU on energy cooperation

2022-08-27 15:00:48
Iran, Nigeria to sign MoU on energy cooperation

The Iranian petroleum minister and his Nigerian counterpart during a bilateral meeting hosted at the central building of the petroleum ministry are to ink a memorandum of understanding in the field of energy cooperation.

According to IRIB News Agency reported by Shana news, Mr. Javad Owji, in his meeting with Timpere Silva this morning, Saturday, the 5th of Shahrivar, emphasize that Iran and Nigeria have a good capacity for development in the field of energy stressing that both countries are members of OPEC, JECF and OPEC+ coalition that would improve conditions that make the necessary cooperation possible.

He stated that the visit of the Nigerian delegation was by the official invitation and added " We hope that with the signing of the memorandums between the two countries, the field of cooperation between the two sides in the field of energy will increase".

Mr. Owji added "Iran has the daily production capacity of 1 billion cubic meters of gas and 4 million barrels of oil, and all oil and gas refineries in Iran are managed, repaired and maintained by the capable hands of Iranian experts".

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