Three health benefits of eating mushrooms

2022-08-28 21:38:09
Three health benefits of eating mushrooms

Packed with flavor, nutrients, and completely vegan and good for the planet and human body, mushrooms are a true superfood.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of eating mushrooms.

1 Mushrooms Support Cognitive and Bone Health

Fresh mushrooms contain the minerals and phytochemicals that can support cognitive and bone health and are important for feeding the immune system with nutrients such as B vitamins and selenium, essential antioxidants, and, in some instances, vitamin D.

2 Mushrooms Are Packed With Vitamin D

The vitamin D present in UV-exposed mushrooms not only may help strengthen bones, it also regulates the production of proteins your body needs to fend off bacterial and viral infections.

Mushrooms are the only food found in the produce aisle that contain vitamin D, truly setting mushrooms apart. One serving of maitake mushrooms (that's one cup) offers nearly a full day's recommended allowance of vitamin D.

3 Mushrooms Keep the Digestive and Nervous Systems in Check

The combination of B vitamins riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid in mushrooms is also a key to the fungi's nutritional values. This helps maintain healthy digestive and nervous systems, as well as healthy skin and hormonal balance

They also help to maintain optimum weight and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels, energy, and moods.

Whether you're a button, portobello or enoki lover, you're in for some nutrition!

All mushrooms are nutrient rich, so you can reap the benefits by choosing whatever is available at your local grocery store, fits into your budget, and makes the most sense with your recipes.

Just adding mushrooms to anything makes it better for your body, better for your taste buds, and better for the planet.

Source: Real Simple


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