Iran to respond to US once expert review concludes, FM spokesman

2022-08-29 10:51:35
Iran to respond to US once expert review concludes, FM spokesman

Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said that Iran will respond to US as soon as the expert review of the response received from the US to Tehran's amendments to the EU text on the JCPOA concludes.

Nasser Kan’ani said in an interview with IRNA news agency that Tehran's response will be relayed to the Americans in the shortest possible time.

Asked about the exact time of Iran’s response, Kan’ani said no fixed time could be given right now, “but the response [to Americans] will be given after all the details are studied and a conclusion is reached."

“The important point is that Iran is serious about reaching an agreement that would be both comprehensive and durable and also meet the country’s interests,” he added.

Kan'ani said due to the sensitivity of issues related to the nuclear deal, and due to the confidentiality of negotiations, “all sides have so far tried to respect the confidentiality of the talks because early revelations through media would not help the outcome of the negotiations. Therefore, any information must be disseminated in a suitable time.”

The Iranian diplomat said outstanding issues related to an agreement on the revival of the nuclear deal are not numerous. “In other words, most issues related to the JCPOA agreement have been resolved, but the few outstanding issues are sensitive, important, and determining issues."

“Iran is serious about reaching an agreement and believes that restoration of the JCPOA is both in line with the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the interests of the other parties to the deal. On the whole, this is a two-way path and there are mutual commitments [that must be respected],” he added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that implementation of the agreement is a two-way road and all members of the agreement must remain committed to their obligations," Kan’ani said.

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