Regular physical activity linked to reduced risk of COVID-19

2022-08-31 21:45:54
Regular physical activity linked to reduced risk of COVID-19

Individuals who exercise regularly may be less likely to experience severe symptoms of COVID-19 and less likely to be hospitalized or die because of the disease.

With a new systematic review and meta-analysis published recently in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a team of Spanish researchers set out to evaluate the current evidence on the effect of habitual physical activity on COVID-19 outcomes.

Specifically, the analysis found that individuals who regularly included physical activity in their schedules had a 11% lower risk of developing COVID-19.

Those who habitually exercised and developed COVID-19 had a 44% lower risk of developing severe illness, a 36% lower risk of being admitted to hospital, and a 43% lower risk of death from COVID-19.

The researchers found that 2 and a half hours of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise each week provides the best protection.

Source: Medical News Today


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