Western sanctions danger for entire world: Putin

2022-09-07 18:34:41
Western sanctions danger for entire world: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced as "short-sighted" the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the West, saying they are a danger for the entire world.

Putin made the remarks during a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum in the country’s Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok on Wednesday, saying the West had undermined the global economy with an “aggressive” attempt to impose its dominance across the world.

“The pandemic has been replaced by new challenges of a global nature, carrying a threat to the whole world, I’m talking about the sanctions rush in the West and the West’s blatantly aggressive attempts to impose their modus vivendi on other countries, to take away their sovereignty, to submit them to their will,” he said.

Putin said the West had been reluctant to recognize “irreversible tectonic shifts” in international relations and that the Asia-Pacific region had become a magnet for human resources, capital, and production capacities.

“Despite that, the Western countries are trying to maintain the old world order that only benefitted them,” he said.

The Russian president further said Russia saw more opportunities in entering markets in the Middle East following the imposition of sweeping Western sanctions in response to its military offensive in Ukraine.

“No one will win isolating Russia, it is impossible,” he stressed.

Putin also insisted that the military operations in Ukraine were aimed at strengthening Russia’s sovereignty.

He also said Russia had done everything it could to ensure Ukraine was able to export grain amid the ongoing war.

The Russian president also warned that problems on the global food market were likely to intensify, adding that a humanitarian catastrophe was looming.

Since the onset of Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, waves of unprecedented sanctions from the United States and its European allies have been imposed on Moscow.

The ongoing war and a blockade on Ukraine’s Black Sea ports have endangered the world food supply by preventing Ukraine from shipping its agricultural products. Back in July, Russia and Ukraine inked a deal with the United Nations and Turkey on the resumption of grain shipments.

Russia and Ukraine together account for almost a third of global wheat supplies.

Apart from the food crisis, the sanctions imposed by the West have also triggered the worst energy crisis in Europe.


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