Iran urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to resolve conflict peacefully

2022-09-13 12:16:41
Iran urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to resolve conflict peacefully

Tehran has expressed its concern over the recent escalation of tension and border conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia and called on both sides to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner, the Foreign Ministry spokesman disclosed.

Calling for restraint and resolving disputes peacefully and based on international law between the two countries, the senior Iranian diplomat once again emphasized Iran's inadmissibility regarding any changes in the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia.

Noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran is carefully monitoring the developments related to this issue, Kan'ani stressed the need to respect the territorial integrity of the two countries.

He also announced Iran's readiness for providing any assistance to resolve the disputes between the two neighboring countries.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have reported new border clashes that left an unknown number of Azerbaijani troops dead.

The clashes, which broke out early on Tuesday, mark the latest flare-up between the two countries, who fought a war in 2020 over the Karabakh region.

Each side blamed the other for the fighting.

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