UK royal family’s wealth questioned at time of economic upheaval

2022-09-13 17:54:27
UK royal family’s wealth questioned at time of economic upheaval

Public expressions of grief over the death of Queen Elizabeth are made by those who see the royals as a glamorous family contributing millions of dollars into the UK economy each year.

But that sentiment seems to be changing with growing calls for Britain to become a republic.

The reasons for that transformation vary, but one argument used on both sides of the divide is money—taxpayer money—more than 130 million dollars of it granted by the British government to the royal family covering their official parties, travels, security and upkeep of their palaces.

Those are funds that anti-monarchists say could be spent on more urgent matters.

The National Public Health service is not the only public service that needs help. There’s the deepening cost of living crisis driven by soaring energy costs and an economy on the brink of recession.

The British monarchy has an estimated wealth of more than 90 billion dollars, and privileges not available to the rest of Britons.

The past few months have seen multiple public sector strikes mostly over pay to keep up with the cost of the living that’s pushing millions into poverty.

It remains to be seen if the already affluent House of Windsor will continue to live on the public dime, and if so, what will the public do about it.


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