Iran unveils home-grown nanobubble system for water, sewage treatment

2022-09-13 22:15:41
Iran unveils home-grown nanobubble system for water, sewage treatment

Iranian scientists have developed a system to treat water and sewage using nanobubbles, a technology that authorities say is unique and has been used only in a handful of advanced countries.

The home-grown nanobubble system was unveiled in a sewage treatment plant in northern Tehran on Tuesday, according to a report by Tasnim news agency.

Iran’s vice president for scientific and technology affairs Sorena Sattari, whose department has sponsored the development of the technology, as well as CEO of the Iranian water and sewage treatment company Atabak Jafari attended the ceremony to unveil the nanobubble system, said the report.

Jafari said using the nanobubble technology would revolutionize Iran’s water and sewage treatment systems.

He said the technology will also lead to a 50% reduction in the use of electricity in the Iranian water treatment plants.

The technology uses generators and pumps to send cleansing nanobubbles into water to oxygenate it and remove its pollutants.

It helps reduce investment and equipment needed to create oxygen in water and sewage treatment plants while it leads to lower maintenance costs and reduced greenhouse emissions.

Authorities said the system had been applied to water treatment plants in Japan and the United States where the technology has matured.

However, media reports suggest scientists in several other countries have developed similar systems, including in Mexico where it is used to improve water quality in the canals of Mexico City.


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