China to impose sanctions on US over arming Taiwan

2022-09-17 11:58:02
China to impose sanctions on US over arming Taiwan

China has decided to impose sanctions against two American weapon industry behemoths for their contribution to the Pentagon's arms sales to Chinese Taipei (Taiwan).

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning announced the prospect at a press briefing in Beijing on Friday.

She identified the target of the sanctions as Gregory J. Hayes, chairman and chief executive officer of Raytheon Technologies, and Theodore Colbert III, president and chief executive officer of Boeing Defense, Space, and Security.

The individuals, the official said, were being slapped with sanctions over their "participation" in the pending sales of $1.106 billion worth of arms to Taipei.

The arms sales are part of the Taiwan Policy Act, a bill which the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved on Wednesday. The bill will go to the White House after clearing the full Senate and House. US President Joe Biden has not said whether he would sign the bill.

China has sovereignty over Taipei, and under the internationally-recognized “one-China” policy, nearly all countries recognize that sovereignty, meaning that they would not establish diplomatic contact with the island's secessionist government.

The US, too, professes adherence to the principle, but the measure, that has been approved by the Senate, is meant to make changes to Washington’s commitment to the “one-China” policy.

"The United States seriously violates the one-China principle," Mao also said, commenting on the American brinksmanship.

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