Israel imposes full closure of Palestinian territories ahead of Jewish holidays

2022-09-27 20:27:43
Israel imposes full closure of Palestinian territories ahead of Jewish holidays

The Israeli military has announced a series of closures on the Palestinian territories that will be imposed during a number of Jewish holidays.

The first lockdown is imposed for the New Jewish year called Rosh Hashanah, and will last till Tuesday midnight. During the closure, all checkpoints between the occupied West Bank, the Gaza strip and Israel will remain closed, this means Palestinians who have Israeli issued permits are not allowed to enter al-Quds and lands occupied in 1948.

The Israeli army routinely seals off the West Bank on Jewish holidays, but the closure for the Palestinians is yet another form of the collective punishment that Palestinians have to bitterly endure because of the Israeli occupation.

This year, the closure comes at a sensitive time due to rising armed confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinians in the West Bank. Early on Sunday, another Palestinian was killed during Israeli military raid on Nablus.

The Israel military claimed its troops identified a group of armed Palestinians driving near Nablus. Regime troops opened fire at them killing Saed al-Kony and took his body. Thee more Palestinians were wounded during the operation.

Meanwhile, scores of Jewish settlers escorted by police broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied al-Quds and performed rituals in its compound.

The Israeli military has already increased its military presence across the occupied Palestinian territories even before the start of Jewish holidays. This comes amid the regime's atrocities and military operations to prevent Palestinians' resistance.


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