At least 700,000 people homeless in the European Union

2022-10-08 17:06:43
At least 700,000 people homeless in the European Union

Leading experts at this European Economic and Social Committee conference in Brussels on Friday said homelessness in the EU has increased by 70% in the past decade.

A conservative estimate suggests there are 700,000 homeless people across the 27-country bloc.

Young adults in precarious jobs are in one of the highest risk categories. If you have a mortgage then repayments are going up due to interest rate hikes.

If a landlord has a mortgage, they are passing on extra charges to tenants. Homeless people don't vote so is there an incentive for politicians to take action?

Those who have experienced being homeless say it's a very difficult situation to escape from. Critics say the current economic crisis and resulting social misery could have been avoided if EU leaders had prevented the war in Ukraine through diplomacy.

It has been suggested by some political commentators, one way the EU could ease its growing homelessness crisis would be for Western nations to adopt a foreign policy that is less aggressive which would avoid further displacement of millions of more people.


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