Yemenis Mark Birth anniv. of Prophet Mohammed with a message to West

2022-10-09 22:36:21
Yemenis Mark Birth anniv. of Prophet Mohammed with a message to West

Large crowds filled the streets of the Yemeni capital on Saturday to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed.

Green flags reading “We are here, O' Prophet of God" decorated the capital Sana’a to mark Prophet Mohammed’s birth.

Those who attended said this year's celebration is of high significance given the perilous times Yemen and the rest of the Muslim world are experiencing.

Some participants argued that there is a war being waged against the message of Prophet Mohammed and those who follow him.

The leader of Ansarullah, Sayyid Abdelmalek al-Houthi also addressed the nation, calling for Islamic unity and adherence to the holy book Quran, and the message of Islam in an effort to improve the Muslim world.

He condemned those who are in favor of normalizing ties with Israel and deemed them traitors of Allah and his messenger. Al-Houthi also called on the West to end their animosity towards god and all his messengers.

He also urged the West to liberate itself from the Jewish-Zionist control that has turned them into their servants.

The Ansarullah leader also called on the Saudi-led coalition to end their war on Yemen while also renewing his call to Yemenis to continue their resistance.

The birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed comes one week after the ceasefire between Yemen and Saudi Arabia officially ended without reaching an agreement to end the war. Since then, Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has sent numerous warnings to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to end the war and lift the blockade or else face “unprecedented consequences.”

While millions of Yemenis take to the streets nationwide to commemorate the birth anniversary of God's final messenger, the message being delivered here is that the Mawlid is not only a day of celebration, it is also a day of resistance against decades of western neocolonialism aimed at dominating Yemen and the rest of the Muslim world.


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