Muslim scholars attend Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran

2022-10-12 21:17:34
Muslim scholars attend Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran

Delegates from over 40 countries are in Tehran to attend the 36th edition of the annual Islamic Unity Conference.

Every year, Iran holds the event on Prophet Mohammad's birthday anniversary to provide a platform for Muslim scholars to sit and talk about brotherhood and unity.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi was also present in the conference.

This annual gathering is held to remind Muslims that they share the same religion, and different denominations are only different ways of practicing the same belief.

Delegates here see Palestine as a major axis of unity among Muslims. They believe unity is the only path for Muslims to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and denounce some Arab leaders' normalization of ties with Tel Aviv.

The annual conference is organized by the Iran-based World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought. The annual event marks the Islamic Unity Week which coincides with the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.

Worshiping the same God, reciting the same holy book and following the same prophet, Muslim scholars from different denominations here call on all their fellow Muslims to stay united based on their commonalities, as they believe division will only serve the interests of foreign players in the region.


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