Iran slams Biden's support for riots as intervention in domestic affairs

2022-10-15 22:51:55
Iran slams Biden's support for riots as intervention in domestic affairs

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has vehemently censured the United States over meddling in the Islamic Republic’s domestic affairs after President Joe Biden voiced support for riots in the country.

“On Saturday, Biden interfered for the umpteenth time in Iran's state matters by supporting the riots as he has done ever since the outbreak of recent developments in Iran,” Nasser Kan’ani said in a statement on Sunday.

He added, “Given the fact he neither does enjoy trusted advisers nor a good memory, I remind him that Iran is so strong and steadfast that it would not give in to his cruel sanctions and idle threats. It is also so proud that would be unfazed by the interventions and exclamations of a politician tired of years of the futile campaign against Iran.”

Biden said on Saturday that “he was surprised by the courage of the people taking to the streets in protest in Iran.”

The senior Iranian diplomat highlighted that neither Biden’s comments nor Washington’s meddlesome gestures will not surprise Tehran as intervention, aggression, and killing form the backbone of the US political system.

“Since the 1953 coup d'état up until today, the anti-Iranian policies of the US administration have been well recorded in our minds. And of course, the history and every part of the world would testify the wounds that America's crimes and violence have inflicted,” Kan’ani pointed out.

“You (Americans) are accustomed to fishing in troubled waters,” the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has underscored that Iran is the anchor of stability and security in the region and not the land of velvet or colorful coup, slamming foreign intervention by some Western countries in Iran.

Iran mourned the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian who died at a hospital in Tehran three days after she collapsed in police custody. Iranians have held protests over the issue. But some extremist elements derailed the protests and incited violence against security forces. Western-backed media outlets have also encouraged violence. Iran says it will not allow interference in its own internal affairs.

Parliament probe: Amini’s death not related to assault, battery

Meanwhile, an investigative report by the Iranian Parliament has concluded that Amini’s death was not linked to physical assault and battery.

According to the report, the 22‐year‐old woman was neither assaulted during her transfer to the police center in the capital Tehran, where she fell into a coma nor hit while being held there.

The findings, however, question the effectiveness of the first medical response she received.

The report asserts that the crowd amassing outside the police station could have delayed her transfer to a nearby medical center.

The parliament report has called on those who jumped to conclusions about the cause of Amini's death to rectify their position or face prosecution.


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