Calm restored to Tehran’s Evin Prison after fire incident: Iran’s Judiciary

2022-10-16 17:21:09
Calm restored to Tehran’s Evin Prison after fire incident: Iran’s Judiciary

The Iranian Judiciary says conditions in Tehran’s Evin Prison are "completely normal" and the facility’s daily affairs are being carried out as usual after a large fire broke out in one of the prison’s workshops.

The media center of the Judiciary, cited by Iran's official news agency IRNA, said on Sunday that the blaze erupted in one of the tailoring workshops of Evin Prison following clashes between a number of prisoners convicted of financial crimes and theft.

“Shortly after the conflict and the fire at the workshop, the prison’s security officers embarked on taking control of the clashes, and the fire station located in the prison immediately started the fire extinguishing operation and the fire has been contained and put out,” the Judiciary’s media center said.

Other reports said the police force helped the prison’s security officers establish peace in Evin as quickly as possible.

The Judiciary’s media center underlined that the prisoners had called their families after the incident to reassure them of their safety, saying, “Last night and after the fire in Evin Prison, it was immediately possible for the prisoners to contact their families and this situation continued until the morning.”

The reports said 61 people were injured in the incident. It added that 4 detainees convicted of financial crimes died last night "due to smoke inhalation."

Foreign-backed anti-Iran media outlets had swiftly linked the fire in Tehran’s Evin Prison to protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman of Kurdish descent, who fainted at a police station after her arrest and died days later at the hospital in the capital last month.

Iranian people in several cities held protests over the issue but some extremist elements derailed the protests and incited violence against security forces, wreaking havoc and setting fire to public properties.

Immediately after Amini’s death, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi ordered a thorough investigation into the case.

An official report published last Friday said her death had been caused by an illness rather than alleged blows to the head or other vital body organs.


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