Visit Iran's Kish Island, a tourist heaven in Persian Gulf

2022-10-24 18:20:17
Visit Iran's Kish Island, a tourist heaven in Persian Gulf

A snowland at the heart of a scorching but amazing island. This snowtown is one of the latest entertainment centers in Iran's Kish island in the Persian Gulf.

Every year, some two million visitors from inside and outside Iran visit the island to enjoy its attractions, from its entertainment centers to its stunning beaches.

Kish Island offers all kinds of sea entertainment activities, from scuba diving to sailing and fly-boarding!

Besides sea sports, visitors can enjoy its amusement parks and a range of leisure activities inside the island. And if you're a tireless window shopper, Kish is a land of malls and shopping centers.

Despite all the pleasure one can have in Kish, the island still has many shortcomings. The major issue annoying visitors is the poor accommodation services.

Just a few hundred kilometers away from Kish, there's a tourist magnet in the United Arab Emirates; Dubai, which absorbs the chunk of foreign tourists.

While US sanctions are a major factor to blame for Kish lagging behind in its rivalry with Dubai, the island's officials believe it still has a chance to win the game of tourism against Dubai. Situated off the southern coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf, Kish is one of Iran's free trade zones.

Foreign travelers do not need a visa to visit the island, as travel permits are issued on arrival by Kish officials and are valid for up to 14 days. With its mesmerizing nature and eye-catching urban landscapes, Kish has earned the title of the bride of the Persian Gulf.

Its authorities say the island is already a hub for Iranian travelers, but they seek to turn it into a regional tourist magnet.


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