Iranian homegrown telescope releases 1st deep space images

2022-10-26 17:10:50
Iranian homegrown telescope releases 1st deep space images

The NGC23 is a remote galaxy which is some 319 million light years away from earth. What's more interesting is that the interstellar object was observed by none of the celebrity telescopes like James Webb, but by a new indigenous Iranian observatory called INO, marking a milestone in the country's quest for deep space.

INO is still not fully developed. Engineers need to integrate software, fine-tune the active optics, and install the first science instrument, a high-resolution imaging camera.

Once completed, the telescope will help scientists understand galaxy formation and stellar evolution and hunt for exoplanets.

With INO, Iran has marked its first giant leap in space exploration and has fairly entered the world space race. Its builders are now thrilled to announce that they soon release more stunning mages of deep space, hoping to help the world catch a glimpse of the wonders of our universe.


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