US media falsely report Iran is planning to attack Saudi Arabia

2022-11-02 19:50:09
US media falsely report Iran is planning to attack Saudi Arabia

On Tuesday, the American newspaper Wall Street Journal claimed in a report that Riyadh has provided information to Washington that informs about the possibility of Iran attacking targets inside Saudi Arabia in the coming days.

The report claimed that the US and several other neighboring states have raised the level of alert for their military forces.

The publication of Iran's intention to attack targets in Saudi Arabia comes at a time when, in recent weeks, protests after the death of Mahsa Amini have led to protests incited by Saudi-affiliated media and some elements and groups supported by Riyadh and some Western countries.

Although Saudi Arabia has tried not to take any negative stance towards Iran's riots, at least in the media space, there is almost no ambiguity regarding its non-constructive and hostile role.

The publication of the Wall Street Journal report, which has not provided any evidence to confirm it, is actually an attempt to disseminate news.

Today, after 43 years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran and overcoming many crises, any one of which is enough to collapse a powerful nation, its adversaries must have recognized the power of the Iranian people and the structural integrity of the system.

The experience of the past years has shown that using any method other than respecting and observing the accepted principles in neighboring and international relations in dealing with Iran will definitely not lead to any other achievement for the deluded party.

Source: Nour News


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