Iranians mark National Student Day with mass rallies

2022-11-05 16:27:40
Iranians mark National Student Day with mass rallies

Iranians took to the streets on Friday to mark National Student Day, the anniversary of the US embassy takeover which is also called the National Day against Global Arrogance.

The rallies took place in more than 900 cities nationwide, with marchers expressing their anger and frustration with US hostile policies toward the Islamic republic of Iran.

In the capital Tehran masses gathered in the street leading to the building that used to be the US embassy in Iran before the Islamic revolution.

the hostile policies of the US and its allies. The demonstrations turned into a venue to put the unity of Iranians on display with crowds of young people also taking part.

What's significant about this year's demonstration is that you can see the younger generation taking part and particularly many young ladies are here to send their message to the world.

Every year on the 13th day of the Iranian month of Aban, the Iranian nation, particularly the students, holds rallies across the country to mark the day. But this year’s rallies come amid violent foreign-backed riots in the country which have claimed the lives of dozens of people and security forces.

In a statement the demonstrators pledged allegiance to the Islamic republic and Iran's Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. They also called on authorities to address people’s legitimate demands and also draw a line between peaceful protesters and rioters.


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