Trump announces 2024 presidential candidacy, adding to US electoral turmoil

2022-11-16 17:15:51
Trump announces 2024 presidential candidacy, adding to US electoral turmoil

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched his third campaign for the White House, seeking a potential rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden.

Since his ouster in the controversial 2020 election, polls have shown Trump as the runaway favourite to be the next Republican nominee, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis his only- distant- competitor. Head-to-head polls show that a vote between Trump and current President Joe Biden would be too close to call.

While many Republicans are pleased that he is back, Trump’s many passionate opponents are just as displeased.

Trump’s return seems to cement the Republican Party’s division into pro- and anti-Trump factions. Almost all of the Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment were defeated in Republican primaries or have left office. Trump endorsed over 250 candidates in last week’s midterm elections and they won 82% of them.

Now that Trump is officially the opposition party’s presidential front-runner, many wonder if the Democratic Party will be forced to end their many investigations and court cases against Trump in order to avoid accusations that they are politically motivated and aim to influence the 2024 election.

The final votes are still not tallied, but the Republicans appear to have retaken the House of Representatives. However, their poor showing overall has the party in self-doubt, and the arrival of Trump increases the nation’s political turmoil and tensions.


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