Iran hosts International Exhibition of Environment

2022-11-24 14:13:00
Iran hosts International Exhibition of Environment

Environment for smart and technological people is the motto of the 20th International Exhibition of Environment held in Iran's capital, Tehran.

Over 120 companies took part in the annual expo to present their innovations in the field of environmental preservation. The 4-day event also organizes dialogue-based panels and workshops on the latest trends of environmental protection.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, waste management and recycling, and green construction are among the themes of this year's environment expo.

This year's environment expo is held as the hosting city, Tehran, is witnessing alarming air pollution levels.

On Monday, Tehran municipality decided to close down elementary schools and kindergartens for the entire week as the Air Quality Index hit the red alert level in the city.

Experts say this expo can act as a wakeup call for authorities to deal with the environmental crisis more seriously and fundamentally before it’s too late.

Studies show that climate change, pollution and human actions have been responsible for a staggering 318 animal extinctions to date.

Now one of the aims of this expo is to raise awareness of the significance of environmental protection and promote nature-friendly technologies that can make our lives both easier and greener.

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