Israel in same path of apartheid racists regime of South Africa

2022-12-05 22:49:59
Israel in same path of apartheid racists regime of South Africa

By: Mohsen Pakaein

On November 29, 1977, the United Nations General Assembly registered this day in the world calendar as the day of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

These days, we witnessed the increasing strengthening of the supporters of the freedom of Palestine, especially the axis of resistance and in At the same time, we are the all-round weakening of the Zionist regime. Although the extensive crimes of Israel against the Muslim and oppressed Palestinian people continue, these crimes have faced negative reactions from Muslim nations and countries and even international institutions, and have resulted in very important consequences, which are rare compared to the past.

These days, the occupation regime of Jerusalem is facing many problems internally, instability in the cabinet, mismanagement in the governing bodies, inability to deal with economic problems and internal differences between the parties, the main cause of instability and uncertainty and lack of clarity about the future of the regime. Although the new cabinet of the fake government is being formed with the reappearance of Netanyahu, but due to the existence of the opposition in the Knesset; There is not much hope for political stability in the fake cabinet.

In the military field, Israel, which had introduced itself to the world as the most powerful military element in the region with wide-ranging propaganda, today is besieged from various directions and is powerless against the Palestinian rocket launchers and the axis of resistance. and the iron dome has become completely ineffective.

In the field of foreign relations, the Zionist regime has lost its friends, including Russia, and even the relations of this regime with its main supporter, the United States, are not the same as before. The American people, especially the Jews of this country, are not supporters of Israel as in the past, and the formation of anti-Israeli movements inside America shows the isolation of this regime among the Jews of America and the world.

The racist actions of the occupying regime against Arabs in the occupied territories, which are usually subject to news censorship, have become more prominent in the past two years to the extent that human rights organizations and Amnesty International, a Western organization, have also admitted that apartheid is systematic in Israel.

The evidence indicates that the internal and external problems and the continuation of the resistance and struggles of the Palestinian people and the exposure of the racist approach of the Zionist regime are all among the things that have accelerated the decline of Israel, like the apartheid regime of South Africa, It is gone and the world will witness the freedom of Palestine.

The racist regime of South Africa continued to exist during the apartheid era under America, England, Canada, Australia, and a part of Europe, and the collapse of apartheid and the victory of the blacks was considered far-fetched. But with the continuation of resistance and anti-apartheid campaigns and the support of the international community for a referendum to determine the future system of the country, the defeat of the racists was achieved and blacks and whites started a new life by voting for the collapse of the apartheid regime.

Today, following the resistance and struggles of the Palestinian people, conditions are gradually being prepared for the implementation of the plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the occupied territories. The plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was unveiled by Ayatollah Khamenei on the 9th of Shahrivar 2013 at the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, was also registered in the United Nations and has gained many fans among the elites of the world.

This plan relies on democracy and suggests that in democratic action and based on public votes, all the people of the occupied territories, including Muslims, Christians, Jews, and refugees who are present in other countries such as Jordan, participate in a referendum and Determine the future ruler of the occupied territories. Of course, in order to reach the stage of the referendum, the standing and resistance of the Palestinian people and the support of the Islamic countries for the axis of resistance is a priority and necessary. In other words, the continuation of the resistance will be the basis for the referendum.

The conviction of Western institutions such as Human Rights Watch to institutionalize apartheid in the occupied territories is a clear sign of the shared fate of the Zionist regime with the apartheid regime in South Africa. There is no doubt that the apartheid regime in Israel is following the same path as the racists of South Africa, and the struggles and resistance of the Palestinian people with the support of the resistance axis will make the collapse of Zionism possible.


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