Iran’s parliament slams EU sanctions on Press TV, Iranian media

2022-12-14 22:08:02
Iran’s parliament slams EU sanctions on Press TV, Iranian media

Iran's parliament (Majlis) has condemned the European Union's sanctions on Iranian media and removal of Press TV from the satellite operator Eutelsat, terming it a breach of free speech and media freedom.

The statement by Iran's parliament on Wednesday, unanimously agreed upon and signed by the lawmakers.

“The action of the European Union in placing several Iranian institutions and individuals, including the Press TV network, in the new list of sanctions, on false pretexts that led to the suspension of the Press TV channel by the French satellite Eutelsat, is a blatant action against the freedom of media in reflecting facts,” the statement said.

“Contrary to what is claimed by those imposing sanctions (on Iranian media), they are actually trying to suppress and restrict any voice that opposes them and prevent it from reaching the people of the world,” it added.

Eutelsat is a French satellite operator providing coverage over the entire European continent, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Earlier this month, the satellite operator notified the Tehran-based broadcaster of its plan to take the network off the air, which observers saw as an arbitrary move to silence the popular Iranian TV network at the behest of Western powers.

The move came barely weeks after the European Union imposed sanctions on Press TV.


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