Iran's Atomic Energy Organization unveils particle accelerator

2022-12-19 22:39:32
Iran's Atomic Energy Organization unveils particle accelerator

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has unveiled the country’s first domestically-produced electrostatic particle accelerator that could help boost manufacturing procedures in the country.

Developed by Iran's Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, the Dynamitron-type accelerator was unveiled at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran on Saturday.

The Iranian accelerator will be used for food irradiation, cable and wire manufacturing, tire industries, sewage treatment and sterilization of medical devices. The AEOI says the machine will also be employed in treating cancer patients.

Particle accelerators were first invented in the 1960s to study high-energy particle collisions, but it didn’t take scientists long to notice their byproduct.

The machines make an extremely bright light that can be used in investigating the structure of crystals and proteins, monitoring air pollution, studying disease mechanisms, HD imaging and cancer radiation therapy among other applications.

With a wide range of applications from medicine to agriculture, the homegrown accelerator, as put by its developers, will transform different industries in Iran.


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