Some important reasons to wake up early each morning

2022-12-25 21:23:06
Some important reasons to wake up early each morning

Waking up early boasts positive spiritual, physical and mental health benefits. Waking up early takes commitment, but it’s possible to turn even the latest riser into an early bird.

Almighty God himself swears by the morning in the holy Quran.

The blessings which most of us keep deprived ourselves of because we prefer to be in the bed for long after the sun has already risen up. To grab our share from these blessings it is imperative for us to wake up early.

Recent studies have found that night owls are 90% more likely to have psychological disorders than morning larks.

Other studies support this, with evidence pointing to late risers are more at risk of anxiety, depression, or substance-use disorders.

Here are several benefits of waking before dawn:

1. Relaxed mind: A peaceful sleep in the night relieves physical and mental stress that is caused during the process of regular activities. It relaxes the body and mind. With insufficient sleep you are risking your health with heart strokes and other diseases.

2. Enhances memory: Sleeping early lets your mind arrange the thoughts well. Waking up early with a fresh mind will repossess all of it.

3. Increased productivity and creativity - Many writers and artists find they're the most creative first thing in the morning. It's when your mind is fresh. They have learned to organize their days so that they work on tasks that require the greatest creativity - like writing - at the very beginning of the day.

4. Decreased stress: This can happen two ways. One, you get more done during the day with your extra time, thereby freeing your mind of psychological clutter. The other way waking up early can decrease stress is if you use the early hours to pray and think.

5. Increased fitness: An early morning workout will leave you feeling full of vim and vigor and ready to take on the rest of the day. And it's a truly satisfying feeling to know you've already gotten it out of the way. Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and lower rates of depression.


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