Weeklong celebrations kick off in Iran to mark women’s status in Islam

2023-01-15 20:50:35
Weeklong celebrations kick off in Iran to mark women’s status in Islam

In Iran it is once again the time of the year to celebrate women; their progress and their victories.

Traditionally, one week is designated as women’s week in Iran which includes the birthday of Fatima, the daughter of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) celebrated as Mother’s Day.

But this year Iranians are celebrating women’s week while, under US pressure, the Islamic Republic was removed from the United Nations Women’s Commission and as foreign-backed rioters have tried to exploit the concept of women and their freedom for their own political gain.

An issue that was also raised by the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution as well, in a special meeting arranged to honor women’s week, pointing to the large number of women researchers, specialists, poets and authors.

But most importantly the Leader pointed to the fact that solidarity is key and the issue of Hijab should not be exploited to divide women.

Women who were present chanted slogans to show that they agree with the Leader, and this is what’s highlighted women’s week this year.

The occasion this year is of more significance than ever before. It has become the opportunity to shed light on the recent foreign-backed riots and the exploitation of women to divide the country was a failed attempt by Iran’s enemies.


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