Saudi Arabia's new game in Africa: Analysis

2023-01-17 16:52:45
Saudi Arabia's new game in Africa: Analysis

Saudi Arabia is seeking a presence in African countries, especially Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, to diversify its partners, the Etemad newspaper wrote in an analysis.

In line with this policy, Riyadh is pursuing the following goals: Exploiting the geopolitical capabilities of these countries, promoting Wahhabism, attracting experts for its oil industry, guarantee its food security, etc.

The geopolitical situation of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya are of importance to Saudi Arabia as the three East African nations have access to high seas.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman also plans to build mosques and universities under the guise of cultural activities to promote Saudi influence, as there are Muslim minorities in all three countries. In this way, Saudi Arabia can also effectively promote Wahhabism in these countries.

For its oil industry, Saudi Arabia needs African skilled workers. Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are the countries that send migrant workers.

Riyadh is also trying to use these countries' fertile lands to produce crops to counter possible food insecurity.


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