Iran Foreign Minister underscores boosting economic ties with Africa

2023-01-23 18:50:59
Iran Foreign Minister underscores boosting economic ties with Africa

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has once again underscored the necessity to boost relations between Tehran and African countries.

Iran’s top diplomat made the remarks on Sunday at a meeting with officials from seven African countries participating in the first International Congress of Influential Women in Tehran.

The African officials included the Minister of Industry and Trade of Zimbabwe, the Minister of Women and Family from Senegal, Guinea-Bissau , Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Cameroon, as well as the governor of Conakry region of Guinea, Conakry visited and discussed.

He reiterated that the Iranian government places serious emphasis on developing cooperation with the African continent, especially in the economic field.

Iranian authorities say this lucrative market has been neglected for decades, and it is time to interact more with the continent.

Closer interaction with Africa comes as part of Iran's new shift in foreign policy under president Ebrahim Raeisi. Raeisi believes Iran has to focus on thwarting US sanctions instead of waiting for their removal through political negotiations.

The focal point of this new approach is the expansion of ties with non-Western states, and Africa plays a central role in this effort.


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