1st International Congress for Women of Influence wraps up in Tehran

2023-01-23 21:07:25
1st International Congress for Women of Influence wraps up in Tehran

Women scientists, cultural figures and high-ranking political figures from 28 countries across the globe gathered in the Iranian capital to celebrate the efforts and achievements of women worldwide.

The conference, dedicated to “women of influence”, was the first of its kind, an initiative of Iran’s First Lady Jamileh Alamolhoda.

The gathering was based on what used to be a ceremony limited to Iranian women in previous years.

The conference was aimed at showing appreciation for women of influence while offering support and help for them to grow, and promote their ideas as Ensieh Khaz’ali, Iran’s Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs stated in her opening remarks.

Anna Hakobyan, the wife of Armenia’s Prime Minister, who also attended, emphasized the important role women play in promoting tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

About 300 foreign guests took part in the conference, with 70 of them being government officials. The conference held at three different levels: cultural, scientific and a special panel for ministers and first ladies.

Morning and afternoon sessions were held to provide a platform for the participants in order to share their ideas and valuable experiences regarding the challenges women face in today’s world.

The conference wrapped up with Iran’s First Lady thanking her guests for supporting the initiative and a special ceremony where the Goharshad prize was awarded to seven of the influential women recognizing their outstanding performance and contributions.


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