Africa’s rising car industry

2023-01-24 21:00:07
Africa’s rising car industry

A Kenyan car manufacturer, Mobius Motors, recently introduced an affordable, no thrills, but robust and classy SUV for the African mass market.

The Mobius II was rolled out in 2019. This, their second model, is aiming to be a significant step up of the inaugural car released in 2014.

Will it pave the way for a new homegrown car industry?

Mobius Motors is part of growing movement in Africa towards homegrown cars.

Kiira Motors, based in Uganda, is developing Africa’s first hybrid car set to sell at $20,000 each.

Nigeria is also leading the charge. Its first car brand Innoson launched a range of private cars in 2014 made from mostly locally sourced parts. A report by PWC highlighted Nigeria’s potential to become the automotive hub of Africa.

Previous and less successful attempts include the Nyayo Car, initiated by the Kenyan government in 1986. It never made it into production.

As African nations aim to move from low to middle-income status, the continent’s car industries could look to move up the gears.


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