Iran holds expo on latest advances in geospatial science

2023-01-31 19:51:27
Iran holds expo on latest advances in geospatial science

Geomatics is not a well-known term among the public, but it's actually the driving force behind many of the daily activities in modern life.

The second Iran-Geo Exhibition offers a quick glance into the rapidly growing sector and Iran's latest products in the field.

Geomatics has its traces in almost all economic sectors, from mining to oil and gas. It's used for air navigation services, archaeological excavation, climate change and environmental monitoring, disaster risk reduction, and estimation of crop yields.

Over the past decade, an increasing number of tech firms in Iran have expressed interest in the field. As the organizer of the tech event, the Iranian defense ministry says it is planning to encourage more companies to operate in geomatics to turn the strategic field into a viable source of income for the country.

Organizers say during the four days of the second Geomatics Exhibition, B2B meetings will be organized between investors and manufacturers. The event will also hold workshops for startups to acquaint them with the needs of the market.

Without geomatics, many businesses such as online ride-sharing services would not exist. Experts here say the range of the applications of this discipline is growing even wider, and this will attract larger investment to this field in the near future. They say this global trend is already happening in Iran.


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